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Inspired: Melbourne Homewares

After landing in Melbourne a month ago, it is now the time to share our favourite Australian homewares found in the short time we have been here including: Country Road, Coco and Creme, Criteria Collection and Resident GP. 

Country Road

Country Road, a homeware brand passionate about creating simply beautiful merchandise designed to reflect an authentically Australian way of life. From the workplace to the weekend, from everyday essentials to desirable aspirational pieces, Country Road stands for natural simplicity with a relaxed, spontaneous style.


(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Cleo Salad Bowl, AUD $59.95

Nolan Graphite 24 Piece Cutlery Set, AUD $229.00

Tapas Mug, AUD $9.95

Shio Enamel Casserole Dish, AUD $59.95

Marble Tray, AUD $49.95

Marble Table Light, AUD $299.00

Drieh Cushion, AUD $59.95

Plato Large Vessel, AUD $79.95

Halten Large Basket, AUD $119.00

Concrete Clock, AUD $129.00

Marble Pendant Light, AUD $149.00

Nost Cushion, AUD $49.95


Coco & Creme Living

With a love and passion of beautiful homewares, gorgeous gifts, along with the need of a lifestyle to be by the sea is the inspiration behind Coco & Crème Living. Offering a personally selected range of diverse products that are sourced from around the world to bring an individual feel to any room.


(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Round Gloss White Coffee Table, AUD $499.00

Bell Lamp Black, AUD $189.99

Mint Home Sophia White Matte, AUD $48.99

Pampa Mariposa Crude Nature, AUD $1,790.00

Beautiful Chaos White Frame, AUD $229.00

Arigato Brass Lamp, AUD $129.00

Abode Marble Table, AUD $299.95

Astrid Black Marble Table, AUD $219.00

Brushed Cutlery Set Gold, AUD $150.00

Hendrix Sideboard, AUD $1,799.00


Criteria Collection

CRITERIA brings together an exclusive collection of modern furniture, art, and design objects from around the world. The designers, both established and at the pioneering stage of their work, are based in New York, Los Angeles, London, Milan, France, Portugal, Morocco, Sweden and Australia. All have been individually selected for their progressive, innovative and experimental approach to design thinking and their commitment to creating high-quality craft.


(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Mattermade by Philippe Malouin, Type Cast Chair

Parachilna by Jaime Hayon, Aballs Suspension

Bec Brittain, Zelda 2

Apparatus, Neo Lantern

Mattermade by Philippe Malouin, Type Cast Table

Pietro Russo, Romboidale Shelves

Fort Standard, Marble Platter

Studio Mattermade, Abal Round Mirror

De La Espada by Neru and Hu, Frame Modular Sofa

Bec Brittain, Echo 1


Resident GP Homeware

The name Resident GP was established as a union of desire to help resolve home décor and styling ailments along with the brains and brawn behind this adventure, Gabi and Pawel. They believe that one’s home should reflect their individuality and personality. Gabi and Pawel are a young couple based in Melbourne, Australia. Resident GP is fuelled by their love of design, making a home a sanctuary.


(Top to Bottom, Left to Right)

Circum Mirror in Black Small, AUD $329.95

Come Here Side Table Black, AUD $559.00

Curve Magazine Holder White, AUD $79.95

F.U.W.L. Cage Shelf White/Light Ash Wood, AUD $220.00

Gutta Jewellery Box Rose Gold, AUD $179.95

Leather Strap Shelf, AUD $84.95–$129.82

Copper and Marble Candle Holder Small, AUD $34.95

Pinch Bowls Set of 2, AUD $49.00

Louise Gray No 4 Quilt, AUD $529.00

Nest Plant Stand Black & Feather Grey, AUD $160.00


What do you think of our Melbourne Homeware Treasures: Country Road, Coco and Creme Living, Criteria Collection and Resident GP Homewares? Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @studiogabrielleuk.