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With Studio Gabrielle, our goal is to celebrate innovative design by using our online reach to support designers, entrepreneurs and brands to promote their inspiring products and work. We offer numerous advertising options and social affiliation through sponsored blog posts, brand ambassadorship, social media promotion and full media campaigns that can help your brand reach thousands of unique visitors per month. 

Alongside the information above, please email to receive our press pack and detailed blog and social media statistics. Note to our readers: We only work with partners that are aligned with the Studio Gabrielle brand. Our partners contribute to the growth of Studio Gabrielle and we thank you for supporting them.

Studio Gabrielle_Writing Contribution

writing contribution

Studio Gabrielle offers consultation and creative direction to leading retailers, brands, suppliers and national publications. The Studio provides guest blog posts, article contribution and event coverage. In 2016/17, we have recently written for BrabantiaTechtile London and Amara 'The LuxPad'.

— Editorial copywriting and original content
— Features turned around efficiently and meticulously
— Strong editorial experience
— Commission of features from external contributors
— Representation of your brand externally
— Communication of relevant new releases from your brand

Studio Gabrielle_Social Affiliation


We provide social media affiliation to brands, suppliers and retailers that are aligned with the Studelle io Gabrielle brand. These include sponsored blog posts, product placement and styling, video content, brand ambassadorship, social media promotion and full media campaigns.  

— Increased social media following
— Increased engagement within your niche
— Reaching a wider audience and market
— Working together to reach KPI's
— Bespoke tailored campaigns per client
— Relevant readership to your brand